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Laken's world-famous fine bottles are back in the USA! Laken is a Spanish company that offers a huge variety of high quality insulated stainless steel bottles and lightweight aluminum bottles, alongside thermal food containers, classic style water canteens, camping cookware, designed hip flasks and more. All Laken bottles exceed both FDA and EEC requirements, ensuring 0.000% leaching into the liquid contents. Laken Bottles are BPA Free and also Phthalate and Lead Free.

LAKEN analyses the needs for adequate hydration in all sports activities and provides a container that is technically and personally suited to every sportsperson. With complete respect for international environmental considerations and health and safety requirements. Laken achieved accreditation under the ISO 9001 standards many years ago, which is proof of our continuing improvement in quality and service.

Laken Classica Narrow Mouth 34oz
Reg.Price $28.95
Sale Price $18.95
Laken Classic Thermo - Wide Mouth Insulated 25oz
Reg.Price $37.95
Sale Price $23.95
Laken Futura Thermo - Narrow Mouth Insulated 25oz
Reg.Price $35.95
Sale Price $24.95